Romo comes back strong from big hit

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Late in the first quarter, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo scrambled for 16 yards before taking a big hit from Falcons safety Thomas DeCoud. Romo winced in pain as he left the field and doctors looked at his neck. At one point, Jon Kitna started warming up.

But Romo came back on the next possession and completed his first four passes to set his team up for its first points of the game. He looked a little stiff after the game, but said he was fine. Here's what owner Jerry Jones said about the injury:

"Well any time you have that, you go take a look," Jones said. "And he was slow coming off the field, but he went right back out there and played a really good game today. And when you get that kind of play out of him and the supporting cast around him; the defense, you've got a chance to beat good teams."

Perhaps the biggest play of the game occurred late in the first half when Romo escaped heavy pressure to throw a 5-yard touchdown pass to Patrick Crayton. That gave the Cowboys a 17-7 lead and all the momentum heading into the half. It also gave them some cushion to work with when the Falcons came racing down the field behind the running of fullback Jason Snelling to make it 17-14. Here's how Romo described the play:

"When I broke the first [tackle], the first thing that goes through your head is that you have to get the ball out, throw it away but instinctively I thought it was a very high percentage chance to wait a second to get to to Patrick, and Patrick did a great job. And that's what we talked about you have to do something out of the ordinary once in a while. The game is about human error, from my end and other people, when you make a mistake, someone has to pick up for them. I think the O-line did a great job today and picked up some of my mistakes and the receivers did as well. It makes you look better than you are some times and we all try to do that."