Giants react to death of Allie Sherman

Former New York Giants coach Allie Sherman died Saturday at the age of 91. He is best known for leading the Giants to the NFL championship game (in the pre-Super Bowl era) in each of his first three years as their coach. The Giants honored Sherman with a few personal reflections on his life and career Tuesday:

John Mara, Giants president and CEO: "Allie was a great coach and an even better man. He was a special friend, and I will miss him dearly."

Steve Tisch, Giants chairman and executive vice president: "Allie was special. Like my father [Bob], Allie was from Brooklyn. Allie was one of us. Can you imagine being the person hired to replace Vince Lombardi on a coaching staff in 1959? Allie did it, and he did it well.”

Giants great Frank Gifford: "Allie was a friend of mine. There were a lot of times after practice when we were in Yankee Stadium and he would come over if I wasn't looking like I was happy. He wanted to know what was wrong. He would pull up his little stool, we'd sit down and we'd talk. He was a coach and a friend. Coaching was a different kind of role in his life. He taught me a hell of a lot. I came from USC as a single-wing tailback and defensive player. Tom Landry wanted to keep me on defense, and Allie wanted me on offense, so I caused a little bit of a riot there. He was a great guy."

Former Giants kicker Pete Gogolak: "He always treated me well. He didn't try to change my form. Back then, everybody tried to coach everybody else, but my kicking style was so new that I think he was very decent from that point of view. He said, 'I don't know too much about what you do,' so he kind of left me alone, because there was no comparison to anybody else. He was a really good guy to play for."