Tony Romo: I'm not worried about Miles

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo keeps a busy social calendar during the offseason, but he has always made the club's voluntary conditioning workouts his first priority. Now, his good friend Miles Austin has chosen to work out separately from his teammates in Los Angeles.

During an interview with Romo on 103.3 ESPN's "Galloway and Company" on Friday, I asked the quarterback if he was concerned about Austin's absence.

"Miles will be back and around," said Romo. "It's like anything, it's all part of the business side of things that happens once and a while."

As a restricted free agent, it's not like Austin has a lot of leverage right now. But he's obviously trying to make a point to owner Jerry Jones that he is not going to roll over and be happy about a first- and third-round tender of roughly $3 million. Not when the Cowboys' No. 2 receiver Roy Williams will make $13 million in 2010.

But it sounds like Romo believes that Austin will show up one day soon at Valley Ranch. In other news, Romo told the story about replacing Drew Bledsoe in the second half of the Giants game at Texas Stadium in 2006. He revealed for the first time something Bill Parcells told him earlier that day.

Take a listen to the audio to find out what I'm talking about.

One more thing: If you'd like to watch tomorrow morning's demolition of Texas Stadium, go to espn3.com. If you want to reminisce about your favorite moments, read this column from one of my heroes, Frank Luksa.