Breakfast links: Really? Plax? Again?

Mornin'. Nice day here in the East. Want to start off with some links?

New York Giants

Plaxico Burress is at it again, giving interviews in which he says he'd be happy to go back to the Giants. My first reaction was, "Come on. Not this again?" But the more I thought about it, the more I figured the one thing Burress has going for him here is that neither Tom Coughlin (whom Burress has ripped at nearly every turn since his release from prison) nor Jerry Reese (whom Burress blatantly used for leverage in contract negotiations with the Jets last summer) is the sort of man who holds a grudge. And they're going to need a receiver to replace Mario Manningham. The main thing Burress has going against him is that he doesn't appear to be very good anymore.

Victor Cruz, the guy who blew up like a firework after the Giants failed to sign Burress last summer, has a book deal and is buying his mother a house.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jonathan Tamari has an Eagles free-agency primer, which starts with linebacker and does in fact throw the name of London Fletcher into the mix. The kind of thing that ought to scare the Redskins into making sure Fletcher doesn't hit the market next Tuesday, I think.

Former Eagle Freddie Mitchell is apparently facing federal tax fraud charges for a scheme in which he allegedly recruited pro athletes to get false tax returns. I find these stories sad.

Dallas Cowboys

There's an issue now about maybe Keith Brooking returning to the Cowboys next year, which didn't seem likely a few weeks ago but may make some degree of sense considering their lack of depth and experience at the inside linebacker position. Jason Garrett talked about it to ESPNDallas.com but said nothing of substance. If I had to guess I'd say Brooking's on a list of possible veteran options at the position as they hedge against the chances that Bruce Carter is ready to start.

Garrett also said there is no bounty program on the Cowboys and that he expects a lot of teams to be hearing from the league in the coming days and weeks to ensure that they take steps to make sure there won't be.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones reports that the franchise tag given to Fred Davis was of the non-exclusive variety, which is common and means another team could technically get him in exchange for two first-round picks. But the likelihood of that happening is ridiculously small, and given the low cost of the tight end franchise tag this year and the good use to which the Redskins could put two first-round draft picks make it a risk well worth taking. Davis will be a Redskin next season, and I doubt he'll get a long-term deal in the meantime, given the drug suspension thing. He's got to stay on the straight and narrow for a year to convince them.

The Redskins' team site looks at three top wide receiver candidates and the connections they have to the team and/or the D.C. area, as the Redskins prepare to hunt for wide receiver help on the free-agent market.