Coughlin held winning ticket at Texas Stadium

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers told a story the other day that I'd either forgotten or never heard. We all knew that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones distributed two tickets to the NFC Championship Game to players before the divisional playoff game against the Giants as a motivational tactic. And we all know how that worked out.

What didn't receive as much attention was Tom Coughlin's response after his team beat the Cowboys to advance to the title game.

"I don't want anybody talking about this in the media," Coughlin said in a serious tone, then with his right arm extended like he's holding something in his hand, he tells them, "Jerry just sent the tickets over. So, we're all set."

According to Myers, Coughlin broke into a wide grin and players roared their approval. It was one of those in-your-face moments that Coughlin probably didn't want publicized, but it was worth the risk.

And if by some miracle the Cowboys reach the divisional game again, something tells me that Jones will hold off on distributing tickets.

On Wednesday, Coughlin was asked during a conference call whether Jones really sent those tickets.

"I must have not gotten the envelope," Coughlin deadpanned.

Anyone taking the Cowboys on Sunday?