Breakfast links: Will Giants cut Webster?

Washington Redskins

People ask why Mike Shanahan keeps indicating the Redskins have a chance to get back their salary cap room when that does not appear to be the case. I do not know why Shanahan keeps saying that, because, like Mark Maske, everything I've been told indicates that it's a settled issue.

Here's LZ Granderson on the issue of the Redskins' name change. It's really good. Obviously by now I know that many of you oppose the idea, but I continue to feel as LZ does, and I continue to fail to see the downside of changing it. It's the name of a sports team. And the other side of the argument is human decency and a chance to make a gesture that shows respect for fellow human beings. No-brainer.

New York Giants

Ohm Youngmisuk's latest positional analysis is on the secondary, and touches on the issue of Corey Webster. He seems to make sense as a salary-cap casualty, but as Ohm points out, the Giants may not have enough depth at cornerback to cut him loose in the absence of a capable replacement.

With Lawrence Tynes set for unrestricted free agency, the Giants have signed former Cowboys kicker David Buehler. As Cowboys fans can tell you, Buehler's better for kickoffs than for field goals, but he's only 26 and you never know what happens with a guy in his second stop.

Dallas Cowboys

All the clues tell us the Cowboys have decided to strip head coach Jason Garrett of playcalling duties, but Garrett won't actually come out and say so. Could indicate that he's not thrilled with the idea. But since Garrett and Jerry Jones are both invested in the presentation of Garrett as the one in charge of such decisions, we're unlikely to get the truth on this... well, ever.

Todd Archer has a brief rundown of the Cowboys' salary cap situation and what they're going to have to do about it.

Philadelphia Eagles

I really liked this hire the Eagles made Wednesday. If the issue is whether or not Howie Roseman has enough experience to wield the front-office power he now wields, the best way for him to combat that is to surround himself with people like Tom Gamble, who appears to be quite well regarded and will only bolster the strength of the Philadelphia front office.

Sheil Kapadia runs down some free-agent options for the Eagles at safety. I know Redskins and Giants and Cowboys fans have asked about that same position, so you all can check out the same names if you like. My favorite name on the list is Jairus Byrd, but after they released George Wilson the other day, I think it's pretty certain the Bills will keep Byrd now.