Breakfast links: Combine chatter

Friday links. You know what to do.

New York Giants

Still even after a full day at the combine, there are almost no Giants links. The newspapers that cover the team regularly seem only to care that the Knicks lost to some Florida team. I have Alex Marvez writing about Brandon Jacobs' potential future in wrestling -- a story that includes quotes from TNA Wrestling president Dixie Carter, which made me wonder if it was the same Dixie Carter who used to be on "Designing Women." But I looked it up and that Dixie Carter died in 2010. This is a different Dixie Carter, and as we've established over and over again, there's a lot of stuff about which I know pretty much nothing. Like why LaRon Landry would take a photo of himself in a mirror with his iPhone when the iPhone camera is reversible. But that's a different story, from a different day.

And Ohm Youngmisuk's got something on the Giants flavor of the coaching staff former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano is building in Tampa Bay, including Thursday's news that Schiano was denied permission to talk to Kevin Gilbride Jr., who may be in line for a promotion on the Giants' staff.

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles GM Howie Roseman continues to say upbeat, positive things about DeSean Jackson's future with the team. This either because he believes it or because he doesn't want to tip his hand to potential trade partners or because you're only supposed to use the franchise player designation as a step toward a long-term deal and he wants some quotes in the paper that make it look as though that's his intention. Could be any one of those things, or both of the last two. We'll know somewhat soon, I guess.

Roseman also spoke of the Eagles' need to start getting bigger contributions from some of the defensive players they've drafted in early rounds in recent years. Certainly, if Brandon Graham, Jaiquawn Jarrett and Nate Allen could make significant leaps in production in 2012, the Eagles would benefit a great deal.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have begun speaking with the agent for linebacker Anthony Spencer. The Cowboys' decision on Spencer -- i.e. whether to franchise him, re-sign him or let him walk as a free agent -- is one of the most important they face in the early part of this offseason, and they need to get that decision made sooner rather than later so they can operate the rest of their plan.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett outlined the way the duties of the team's new secondary coaches will be split up, which is nice, but I think probably not as important as the decisions yet to come on who will be playing defensive back in that secondary.

Washington Redskins

The Minnesota Vikings are making no secret of their desire to trade down from the No. 3 pick in the draft, and if there were three stud quarterbacks available in this year's draft, I'm sure the Redskins would be happy to do it. But you have to get up to No. 2 to make sure you get Robert Griffin III, and the Rams are likely to drive a hard bargain for that pick. The Redskins could find themselves dealing with Minnesota at some point, but only if the Rams keep the pick and draft a player at No. 2 on draft night.

The Redskins aren't likely to be in the market for a tight end early in the draft, but Skins fans may get a kick out of knowing that Stanford tight end Coby Fleener's name was inspired by that of former Redskins lineman Joe Jacoby.