Have a good weekend

Oh, don't worry. I'm not disappearing completely. I'll have something up Saturday -- maybe a mailbag, if you guys have been stepping up your game lately with the questions. And I'll check back in Sunday morning to ask how you're feeling about the games. But I'm ducking out for the rest of Friday, so I thought I'd wish you all well and update you on my weekend plans.

You can watch me Sunday morning on your TV, at 10 am ET on "Outside the Lines," where I'll be talking about the Eagles and Andy Reid with Ashley Fox, Hugh Douglas and Bob Ley. After that, I'll be driving right past Giants-Dolphins on my way down to Philadelphia for Eagles-Cowboys.

I'll do a Wrap Up off the Redskins' game against the Bills, and ESPNNewYork.com will handle the Giants' Rapid Reaction since they'll be at the game. I will weigh in later in the day and/or Monday morning with some more extensive thoughts on the Giants and Redskins, and you can be sure I'll have plenty of columns and other good stuff off the Eagles-Cowboys game Sunday night and into Monday.

Meantime, enjoy Game 7 of the World Series, this freak October snowstorm and whatever else you have set up to occupy you this weekend. Talk to you soon.