Robert Griffin III has another good practice

Nothing changed for Robert Griffin III – and, at this point, that’s a good thing. It means Griffin took a second straight full day of practice against the starting defense. It means there was no setback after taking the same amount of work the previous day.

“He’s looked healthy to me,” Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said. “There is a little more he’s got to react to and stuff, but he’s been fine out there. You obviously don’t see anything wrong with the knee. If you did, if you saw limps and stuff, he wouldn’t be out there. So he looks good. The more reps he gets, the better he gets.”

Griffin won’t play in the preseason as the Redskins ease him back into the lineup following his surgery on multiple ligaments in January. Their goal remains the season opener against Philadelphia.

Shanahan said there’s nothing in particular that he needs to see from Griffin moving forward. He just wants to see more of the same from the past two days. Washington does not have another full-speed practice until Monday. Griffin will have two more practices next week, and then will be re-examined by Dr. James Andrews after the Aug. 29 preseason finale at Tampa Bay.

“It’s just about getting him through everything,” Shanahan said. “The play-pass, the movements, the drop-backs. It’s a little of everything and he’s been good so far.”

And he’s pleased with Griffin’s mechanics.

“He has very good technique,” Shanahan said. “It’s all about keeping your technique in the pocket when you’re under duress. That’s the challenge for guys when they can make plays with their legs – how do you stay a passer and how long can you stay a passer? Robert is as good a thrower as there is.”