Should the Boys trade for Ravens' Gaither?

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column on SI.com today, Peter King suggests that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should send his second-round pick (59) to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for 24-year-old left tackle Jared Gaither.

King thinks that Gaither, a dependable starter for the Ravens, would immediately replace Flozell Adams at left tackle. Under that scenario, Adams' projected replacement, Doug Free, would compete with Marc Colombo for the starting right tackle job. In the short term, I agree that Gaither would be a better solution than Free at left tackle. But given the depth of this draft, I don't think Jones wants to forfeit a second-round draft pick.

The Cowboys' scouting department believes that Free is better-suited for left tackle than right because of his quick feet and ability to work well in space. Gaither certainly brings more power to the table, but I don't think he's as athletic as Free. So while it's a very intriguing trade suggestion by King, I don't see it happening.

In the aftermath of the ill-fated Roy Williams trade, I'm sure teams see Jones as an easy mark. But during my recent conversation with the Cowboys owner, he convinced me that he's truly committed to making Free the starter.

Now if the Cowboys could get Gaither for a fourth-round pick, then we'd have something. But the Ravens aren't going to do that deal. Wait, I have a (fantasy) suggestion: How 'bout Martellus Bennett straight up for Gaither?

I think Jones would have to seriously consider pulling the trigger. Remember, he reportedly turned down a first-round pick from the Bengals for Bennett last offseason.