Breakfast links: Ex-Nittany Lions speak

Thursday's links reach beyond pro football into the college ranks and the story everyone, everywhere is talking about.

New York Giants

Penn State alumni around the league were peppered with questions Wednesday about the sorry situation at their alma mater. The Giants' Nittany Lion is Kareem McKenzie, who played for Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky and called the situation "sad and sorrowful" while stopping short of condemning Paterno for whatever role he had in it. Guys like McKenzie actually know the people involved, so they're coming at it from a different perspective, I understand. But as a father of two young sons, I can't comment on this story rationally. I just wanted everybody out.

Mike Garafolo writes the Giants' 6-2 start has vindicated Jerry Reese, who was blistered by criticism for his inaction in the offseason. I love Mike like an overly caffeinated kid brother, but I don't agree. I'm not sure we're supposed to laud a guy whose plan was "Don't do anything" just because it's worked out so far over half a season. Kind of feel like any one of us could have come up with that plan and executed it the exact same way.

Dallas Cowboys

Sean Lee is the Cowboys' Penn State rep, and he's expressing what a lot of Penn State alumni feel right now -- shame and sadness, because this is not what the school in which they all take so much pride is supposed to be about. Lee said he hopes justice is done, and I think we all agree with him there. The issue seems to be what, exactly, constitutes justice at this point. Again, for me, pretty cut and dried. Anyone involved just had to go.

A couple of people have asked whether the Cowboys should get an offensive coordinator to ease some of the burden on head coach Jason Garrett, who's still the offensive coordinator but new at the head-coach part of it. It's not a terrible idea, but it's apparently not the way Jerry Jones wants it, and Garrett says he's fine with that.

Philadelphia Eagles

As much as Kevin Kolb would love to play against the Eagles on Sunday, his foot injury is likely to keep him out of the game, and the Eagles are preparing for the Cardinals under the assumption that they'll see John Skelton at quarterback. Eagles cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who the Cardinals traded to the Eagles for Kolb in the offseason, says he always liked Skelton anyway and didn't think the Cardinals needed to make the deal for Kolb.

Jeff McLane looks at the ways in which defenses have been able to limit and contain DeSean Jackson this year -- and the ways in which that in turn may limit or contain his ability to get the contract he seeks.

Washington Redskins

Rich Campbell's film review of the Redskins' offense in Sunday's loss to San Francisco is in-depth and fascinating, but it's not for the faint of heart. The Redskins' offense is not in a good place right now. On John Beck in particular, Rich said watching the game back showed him that Beck has work to do in terms of decisiveness and speed of release. He definitely looked jittery on almost every play Sunday. Beck, I mean, not Rich. Rich is the picture of calm on game days.

Amy Shipley writes that Sunday's Dolphins-Redskins game is a matchup of two teams who know the pain of not having a franchise quarterback. But Dan, that's really a Dolphins story, so why'd you link to it? Well, Voice of the Reader, everybody keeps asking about who the Redskins will get to play quarterback next offseason, and I think it's worth noting the competition they'll have in that market. So there. Wow, really good answer, Dan. I didn't think of that. You're super-smart. Thanks for always keeping us so informed and entertained every day. You're welcome.