Chat wrap: Claiborne-RG3 comparisons

We had our chat. It was a fine way to pass part of a rainy afternoon. These are some of the highlights, in case you missed it, or you could just click here and read the whole thing over. Your call. I don't judge, and I don't hold a grudge. Hey, that rhymed. Sweet.

Ian from Atl, Ga., who apparently only reads every third word of my posts, asked me why I give the Washington Redskins "a pass" for what they spent to make the Robert Griffin III deal and yet "the Dallas Cowboys get crucified" for trading up to pick Morris Claiborne. He also strongly disagreed with my statement last week that Claiborne faced more pressure than Griffin, and postulated that Griffin would in fact be a "dead man" if he didn't turn out to be a stud. This was a very excited, dramatic question with lots of exclamation points, and it left me to believe that Ian should maybe think about trying some of the newer caffeine-free soda options at lunchtime. But I did answer.

Dan Graziano: Who gave them a pass? The price they paid for Griffin was gargantuan. My argument is that they had more of a need to make that move than the Cowboys did to make the Claiborne one -- especially after signing Carr in free agency. And as for the more-pressure thing, I was extremely clear than I was talking about 2012 pressure only, and I stand by it. If Griffin takes a while to acclimate to the NFL this year, he'll get more of a leash from his team's fans than Claiborne will if he's getting torched every week in Dallas. How is that incorrect? The Cowboys expect to contend, the Redskins are rebuilding.

Matt from DC asked whether I thought 2011 draft pick Marvin Austin could have any impact at defensive tackle this year for the New York Giants after missing the past two years of football due to injuries.

DG: "Yeah, I think if he's healthy he's a major impact guy. You learn a lot being in the Giants' defensive line room, and he's got the talent to be incredible. Just needs the health, and I think he'd come quickly."

Tyrion Lannister from King's Landing took a break from scheming with and against his sister to ask whether Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie would fire coach Andy Reid during the season if the Eagles got off to a bad start.

DG: I don't think the Eagles fire Reid midseason, no matter what. I think it's important to step back and accurately appraise what Reid has been to that organization and the contribution he's made to its history. When it's over, I do not think the owner will want the parting to be ugly. Nor should he.

Chris L from EPTX asked what was the biggest remaining question for the Cowboys that no one's talking about.

DG: I'd say defensive line. They need to be more physically dominant up front. There's a school of thought that the improvements in the secondary might help with that, but we'll see. They didn't get any 2012 help for the line at all.

And Bill from DC asked what I thought DeJon Gomes' chances were to start at safety for the Redskins this year.

DG: The Redskins view him as a starting safety, but they are unsure whether he can be that this year. I believe he'll get an opportunity to show whether he can, and if not they'll fill in until they think he's ready.

There was also a bunch of stuff about the old Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson/Cabo trip controversy, and an auxiliary discussion about Britney Spears vs. Jessica Simpson at that specific time in history, but it's a lot to get into. You have to read the whole chat transcript if you want that stuff. Meantime, I'm out. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.