Breakfast links: Fun while it lasted

The NFC East's season is over. We are, in fact, the only division that won't play next weekend. You know I don't root for the teams, but I can't help but feel a bit melancholy that there are no more games to cover until September. I like it when there are games. Now, however, we move on to thoughts of the draft and free agency and that little matter of who's going to coach the Eagles. We start, as we start everything, with links.

Washington Redskins

Thomas Boswell writes that Robert Griffin III's ability to talk himself back into Sunday's game in spite of his obvious injury shows us what's great and troubling about the NFL.

It will linger as one of the great ironies of this season that the Redskins were done in by another team's zone-read offense. Seattle, behind Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, ran it brilliantly.

New York Giants

Missed this over the weekend in the Redskins playoff coverage, but the Giants are not going back to Albany for training camp this year. They're going to do it in East Rutherford, N.J., like they did in 2011 when the lockout forced a lot of teams to train close to home. Course, they ended up winning the Super Bowl that year, too.

Giants scouting director Marc Ross has been mentioned as a general manager candidate in a few places, including one that might not even require him to move.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins looks at the way the Cowboys stack up against the rest of the division in a couple of key areas and wonders if they stand a chance to be outmanned by their competitors in 2013.

Special teams coach Joe DeCamillas appears to remain in the running for the head coaching position with the Chicago Bears, who are said to be narrowing down their search by the end of this week.

Philadelphia Eagles

As I was driving home from Washington, the news broke that Chip Kelly had decided to forego a chance to coach the Eagles and instead stay at the University of Oregon. A consensus belief had formed to that effect during the day Sunday, which is probably why the Eagles were moving ahead with other plans.

If you're looking for a reset on this coaching search post-Kelly, Sheil Kapadia and Tim McManus are constantly updating their tracker with the status of every reported candidate.