Bill Parcells and 'The Irrelevant Giant'

30 for 30 Shorts: The Irrelevant Giant (11:23)

John Tuggle, the 1983 NFL draft's Mr. Irrelevant, was anything but irrelevant to legendary coach Bill Parcells. The normally tough coach will guide us on an emotional journey as he recounts his own rookie season as the head coach of the New York Giants. (11:23)

You're likely familiar with ESPN's excellent "30 for 30" documentary series, which includes the "Elway to Marino" film that debuted Tuesday night. But with the draft coming up later this week, I thought you guys -- New York Giants fans in particular -- might be interested in this 30-for-30 short. It's called "The Irrelevant Giant," and it features a very emotional former Giants coach Bill Parcells telling the story of running back John Tuggle.

Tuggle was the last pick in the 1983 draft ("Mr. Irrelevant," they call that, as you know), but he made that year's Giants team and emerged as a star on special teams. Not long after, he was diagnosed with cancer, which killed him in 1986 at the age of 25. He clearly made an impression on Parcells, who struggles at times during the short film to recount his memories of his experience together with Tuggle.

It's extremely well done, and (I thought) a nice break from wild, panicky speculation about who's getting picked where and who's trading down and all that stuff we'll have plenty of time to discuss again and again between now and Thursday night. Hope you enjoy.