Eagles' plan is clear as Mudd

Coach Andy Reid presided over an offense that allowed 50 sacks in 2010. So he did what any other rational human would do.

Promote the offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.

OK, we'll take a break from the Reid jokes and focus on Juan Castillo's replacement as offensive line coach, Howard Mudd. The man's been working with NFL offensive linemen since 1974, so he's pretty set in his ways. Paul Domowitch of the Daily News had the opportunity to visit with Mudd and it sounds like he was pretty impressed.

Mudd's just now figuring out what personnel he'll be working with, but he prides himself in being able to play the hand he's dealt. You won't find him complaining about the right side of the offensive line, although you couldn't blame him if he went that route. He's known for being an unconventional thinker, and something at the end of Domowitch's story really jumped out at me.

"Most offensive linemen have been taught to stay in front of a guy," said Mudd. "Offensive linemen are never allowed to turn their back on anyone. Well, if you look at secondary guys, [if] a corner gets beat to the post, they'll turn their backs, spin and go and meet the guy at the junction point.

"Well, why can't offensive linemen do that? Basketball players do it all the time when they're beaten to the hoop. So, I started doing that. We practice it. We just do it."

I think Mudd will be a great addition for this offense, but I'm still a bit hazy on Reid's plan for the other side of the ball. Longtime Beast enthusiast Jonathan Tamari of the Inquirer does a nice job of talking about how Castillo and defensive line coach Jim Washburn plan to work in concert. Tamari's already smitten with the Eagles' new assistants and I admire him for going public with his admiration.

You'll likely see this headline at least 17 times over the next couple seasons, so I wanted to lead the way. Thanks for your continued support.