Breakfast links: Bradshaw cools off

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means. It's the biggest, chattiest, Power Rankingest day of the week here on the ESPN.com NFL page. You'd better have your links.

New York Giants

The reason Ahmad Bradshaw was barking at Tom Coughlin and, seemingly, everyone else during the Giants game was because he felt the Giants should be running the ball more. So says Bradshaw. No, this is not symptomatic of a larger or longer-term problem in the Giants' locker room. It's heat-of-the-moment stuff among guys who've won Super Bowls together and understand each other's temperaments.

The Giants believe their offense is better prepared this week to take on the Cowboys than it was in the Sept. 5 season opener at MetLife Stadium. Clearly, it will need to be.

Philadelphia Eagles

Nnamdi Asomugha is thoughtful and honest when asked questions after games, and this is a rare and valuable thing in a sound-byte era. So it disturbs me a bit to hear that Asomugha struggled last week with how much the coverage of the Juan Castillo firing was connected with what Asomugha had to say after the Eagles' most recent loss. Asomugha reached out to Castillo to make sure there were no hard feelings. And to the surprise of no one who's met either man, there do not appear to be.

The message from new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to his players, according to those players, was that the defense is "not going to be predictable anymore." I figure that has something to do with blitzes, but we'll all find out together.

Dallas Cowboys

Tim MacMahon is... um... how shall I put this? Not feeling the optimism that Jerry Jones and Jason Witten have been spouting lately about the Cowboys as a Super Bowl contender. Tim doesn't think Dallas is a playoff team. Neither do I, as you all know, but I don't think that should stop the owner or the players from believing they're capable of proving us wrong.

The Cowboys could be without linebacker Sean Lee next week against the Giants, as he's got a sprained toe and was on crutches following an MRI on Monday. Obviously, it would be a huge loss, as Lee has been the best and most consistent player the Cowboys have had on defense this year.

Washington Redskins

As Dan Daly writes, the only way the Redskins are going to be able to fix their issues in the secondary before the end of this season is for the players they currently have to play better. In other words, Darrell Green ain't walking through that door. The Redskins are establishing defensive back as a 2013 offseason priority, but they're pretty much going to have to roll with what they have, for better or for worse, for the rest of 2012.

The offense is rolling, but as much as wide receiver Pierre Garcon would like to be a part of it, his injured foot is keeping that from happening. It appears it will continue to do so for another four weeks at least.