Cowboys' O-line strikes up the band

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In case you somehow missed it, three Cowboys offensive linemen formed a heavy metal band called Free Reign about a year ago, and they've now signed a recording contract with Riot Entertainment.

Former Bears first-round pick and starting right tackle Marc Colombo is the lead singer-rhytm guitarist, guard Leonard Davis plays the bass guitar and guard Cory Procter's on drums. A childhood friend of Davis', Justin Chapman, recently joined the band as the lead guitarist.

Davis' wife gave him a bass guitar and an amp soon after they were married. The guitar sat in a closet in his Chandler, Ariz., home for a couple of years until he decided to give it a try in March '08. Three guitars later, Davis appears to be on the right track.

Davis was kind enough to join us on Dallas-Fort Worth's 103.3 ESPN "Galloway and Company" show Wednesday. Here's the exclusive audio.

And for those of you who freak out every time I write about something non-football related, we also talked to Davis about the '09 season.