Redskins: Cutdown analysis

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
Biggest surprise: The only thing that really surprised me was rookie punter Durant Brooks beating out Derrick Frost at punter. From what I could tell, Frost outperformed Brooks during the preseason games. But the Redskins spent a draft pick on Brooks, and must've seen enough to stick with him.

I know some Redskins fans are probably surprised to see running back Marcus Mason on the list since he put up nice numbers in the exhibition season. The problem for Mason, other than the fact the Redskins are stacked at his position, is that he wasn't an excellent special-teams player. He needs to find another team's practice squad. Preferably a team that's not loaded at running back.

The Redskins kept all 10 of their draft picks, which is somewhat of a surprise. Billy McMullen could've helped the team at receiver, but it's not like they were going to cut Malcolm Kelly, who's apparently not going on IR with a knee injury. And people that watched a lot of practice during training camp tell me that cornerback Matterral Richardson clearly outperformed fourth-round pick Justin Tryon.

No-brainers: No surprise to see quarterback Derek Devine released, although Jim Zorn thinks he has a gun and would like to add him to the practice squad. I thought Rob Jackson (seventh-rounder) looked pretty active early in the preseason, so I wasn't surprised to see him make the team. Others didn't share that opinion. Center Justin Geisinger was the last lineman to make the team.

What's next: Well, they have to play a game Thursday. As we speak, Vinny Cerrato & Co. are scouring the waiver wire to see if they can find help at defensive end or receiver. The Redskins have five wide receivers, and two of them (Kelly and Devin Thomas) aren't ready for prime time. The 53 today might not be the 53 tomorrow, but it's like that with most teams