Report: Rosenhaus shopping Plax

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I was doing some research for an upcoming Plaxico Burress column when I ran across this story from the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo. According to Garafolo, the Giants were upset about a leaguewide memo from agent Drew Rosenhaus in which he identified three of his clients as tradeable.

Those clients were Anquan Boldin, Chad Johnson and Plaxico Burress. Giants assistant general manager Kevin Abrams notified the other 31 teams that the club hadn't authorized Rosenhaus to pursue trade scenarios, according to the report. This caused Rosenhaus to clarify his remarks Wednesday, saying he did not have permission to pursue a trade for the aforementioned players.

If the Giants decide to go after another receiver, Boldin would be a likely target. That's why it seems like a bad time for Rosenhaus to be angering the club. We'll keep our eye on this one for you as things continue to unfold.

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