Haynesworth ranks as biggest bust

You know, someday, maybe not too far in the future, the Redskins are going to be back on top. And when they are, they're going to look back on the summer of 2011 and laugh. "Hahahahaha," the Redskins fans will say. "Remember when the only lists we ever finished on top of were the bad ones? Gosh, those were some goofy times. What a laugh we get now, remembering them."

Meanwhile, Football Outsiders has this list of the top 10 most disappointing free agents of the past 25 years. And while it's an Insider piece that not all of you will be able to read, I'm going to reveal the name at the top of the list. Ready? Seriously, I hope you're sitting down for this. It's ... it's ...

Yeah. It's Albert Haynesworth.

"Haynesworth has pocketed nearly $35 million from the Redskins, produced 53 tackles and 6.5 quarterback sacks in 20 games and has been a near-constant headache for two coaching staffs," Brian McIntyre writes. "Haynesworth complained about his role in former coordinator Greg Blache's defense and challenged the authority of new head coach Mike Shanahan last summer, failing to complete the team's conditioning test, which relegated him to working against trash cans after the rest of the team had practiced. During the season, Haynesworth refused to play certain roles, leaving Shanahan with no choice but to suspend him without pay for the final month of the regular season."

Hey, I'm no scout, but none of that sounds very good. I will say, though, that I was there for some of those conditioning-test days, and those trash cans had no chance against Big Al.

Making matters worse for Redskins fans who are probably getting sick of these kinds of posts, there's no other NFC East player or team represented in the top 10. In fact, Alvin Harper finished No. 2 and Larry Brown No. 10 for deals they signed with other teams after leaving the Cowboys.

Someday, Redskins fans, you will have your revenge. It may be hard to see it from here, but someday it'll happen. It just has to.