Breakfast links: Dallas leadership nonsense

Up and at 'em on a combine week Wednesday. Not sure which of our division's coaches and GMs will be holding news conferences during the big event in Indy, but I believe ESPNNewYork.com and ESPNDallas.com are both staffing it, which means I'd expect to hear from some Giants and Cowboys folks, at least. Will be keeping you posted best I can, I promise. Meantime, chew on some links.

New York Giants

Brandon Jacobs says he expects to be back with the Giants next season. Seems to be indicating that he has some inside information that leads him to believe this. We will see. Lots of times, Jacobs talks but it doesn't mean much. The roster bonus is only $500,000, but the salary is $4.4 million. He'll need to cut that salary in half on a restructure in order to stay, I'd think. Does he want to do that?

Victor Cruz was hailed as a hero upon his return to his alma mater, the University of Massachusetts. He took in a basketball game at which his name was chanted and he judged a salsa dancing competition at halftime. Victor Cruz is huge.

Philadelphia Eagles

The details on the restructuring of Cullen Jenkins' contract are as follows, according to Andrew Brandt: He still gets his $5 million roster bonus next month, but his 2012 salary drops from $2.75 million to $820,000. Jeff McLane reports that the deal also has been reduced from five years to four years, and that the result of this move is an additional $1.68 million in cap room for the Eagles this year. According to our figures, that means the Eagles are about $16.58 million under the projected cap right now.

Remember Leonard Weaver? Real good guy, real useful player for the Eagles a couple of years back. Les Bowen checks in on Weaver's continued struggle to recover from a gruesome injury that sounds as though it probably ended his career.

Dallas Cowboys

Darren Woodson doesn't agree with Jason Hatcher's opinion that the Cowboys need a Ray Lewis-type leader in their locker room. Woodson was a leader, but he says he "wasn't a rah-rah guy." Which is something everybody says. I guarantee you that Lewis himself has uttered those same words about himself at some point during his career. This is all just talk. The Cowboys have enough leaders. They don't have enough good defensive backs or offensive linemen.

People sometimes ask whether the Cowboys would be looking for a quarterback in this year's draft -- someone to develop for the point down the road at which Tony Romo can't do it anymore. The answer, according to Stephen Jones, is that it's not a high-priority item for them this year, as it should not be.

Washington Redskins

Mike Shanahan believes last year's draft and free agency went very well for the Redskins, and he's looking forward to applying the same plan and principles to this year's offseason.

I believe the Redskins will use their franchise player designation on tight end Fred Davis, unless they somehow get a deal worked out with him before that. I do not believe they will use it on LaRon Landry, regardless of what happens with Davis. John Keim takes a look at some potential franchise candidates with other teams, and the impact those teams' decisions on those players could have on the Redskins' plans.