Giants' draft: History of the picks

Yeah, there is one more team left in our series analyzing the history of the specific draft picks held by each team in the NFC East. Enough of you have enjoyed it, I think, to make it worth the time spent researching it. I was planning to do the New York Giants' one earlier in the week, but the Giants made so much news this week that it just kept getting pushed back. Funny thing -- if I'd done it earlier in the week, they'd have had eight picks. But after the trade with the Bengals that brought them linebacker Keith Rivers, they're back down to seven.

Please note that, prior to 2002 and again in 2008, the 32nd pick in the draft was not a first-round pick. The only pre-2002 exception was 1995.

Not a lot of excitement historically at the picks the Giants have this year, though that No. 32 pick has produced a few guys who played in a number of recent Super Bowls.

PICK 32 (32nd pick, first round)

Last five players picked

2011 -- Derrek Sherrod, T, Packers

2010 -- Patrick Robinson, CB, Saints

2009 -- Ziggy Hood, DT, Steelers

2008 -- Philip Merling, DE, Dolphins (second-round pick)

2007 -- Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Colts

Giants' history of No. 32 pick

2006 -- Mathias Kiwanuka

1981 -- Dave Young

1977 -- Johnny Perkins

Hall of Famers picked No. 32

Bob St. Clair (1953)

Other notables

Mathias Kiwanuka (2006), Logan Mankins (2005), Drew Brees (2001)

PICK 63 (31st pick, second round)

2011 -- Marcus Gilbert, T, Steelers

2010 -- Pat Angerer, LB, Colts

2009 -- Cody Brown, TE, Cardinals

2008 -- Terrell Thomas, CB, Giants

2007 -- Brandon Jackson, RB, Packers

Giants' history of No. 63 pick

2008 -- Terrell Thomas

1983 -- Jamie Williams

Hall of Famers picked No. 63

Couldn't find one.

PICK 94 (31st pick, third round)

Last five players picked

2011 -- Kenrick Ellis, DT, Jets

2010 -- Kevin Thomas, DB, Colts

2009 -- Ryan Mouton, DB, Titans

2008 -- Kevin O'Connell, QB, Patriots

2007 -- Michael Okwo, LB, Bears

Giants' history of No. 94 picks


Hall of Famers picked No. 94

None. Charlie Joiner went No. 93 to the Oilers in 1969, and the 49ers followed up by taking running back Gene Moore at No. 94. Joiner is in the Hall of Fame. Moore is not. He had four career yards on two carries.

PICK 127 (32nd pick, fourth round)

Last five players taken

2011 -- Rashad Carmichael, DB, Texans

2010 -- E.J. Wilson, DE, Seahawks

2009 -- Austin Collie, WR, Colts

2008 -- Jacob Tamme, TE, Colts

2007 -- Kareem Brown, DT, Patriots

Giants' history of No. 127 pick

Never had it.

Hall of Famers picked No. 127


PICK 131 (36th pick, fourth round)

Last five players taken

2011 -- Davon House, DB, Packers

2010 -- Roddrick Muckelroy, LB, Bengals

2009 -- Greg Toler, DB, Cardinals

2008 -- Jack Ikegwuonu, DB, Eagles

2007 -- Brannon Condren, DB, Colts

Giants' history of No. 131 pick

Also, never had this one.

Hall of Famers picked No. 131


PICK 201 (31st pick, sixth round)

Last five players taken

2011 -- Stephen Schilling, T, Chargers

2010 -- Jorrick Calvin, DB, Cardinals

2009 -- Curtis Painter, QB, Colts

2008 -- Steve Justice, C, Colts

2007 -- Rashad Barskdale, CB, Eagles

Giants' history of No. 201 pick

1979 -- Roy Simmons

1978 -- Jeff Grady

Hall of Famers picked No. 201

None. Richard Dent was picked No. 203 and Bart Starr was picked No. 200, as covered in the Eagles' post.

PICK 239 (32nd pick, seventh round)

Last five players taken

2011 -- Mike Person, G, 49ers

2010 -- Sean Canfield, QB, Saints

2009 -- Ryan Durand, G, Titans

2008 -- Mike Merritt, TE, Chiefs

2007 -- C.J. Ah You, DE, Bills

Giants' history of No. 239 pick

1967 -- Dick Stebbins

Hall of Famers picked No. 239

None that I could find. The Giants' numbers this year just haven't turned up too many!