Is Porter a good fit for Skins?

Now that we know outside linebacker Joey Porter is scheduled to visit Redskins Park on Thursday, let's talk about how he'd fit into defensive coordinator Jim Haslett's 3-4 scheme. As Rick Maese noted on Redskins Insider, Porter is accustomed to rushing from the right side. He had 32 sacks in three seasons (17.5 in '08) for the Dolphins rushing from that side.

But Redskins second-year linebacker Brian Orakpo is also comfortable rushing from the right side and it's doubtful that Haslett would want to take him out of his comfort zone. And you also have to figure where Andre Carter fits into the new scheme. Redskins linebackers coach Lou Spanos knows Porter from their time in Pittsburgh. And Haslett coached him for a season before becoming a head coach in the league.

Porter's been a highly productive player in the league, but he's also known for his brash behavior off the field. He filled notebooks in Pittsburgh and then he continued to yap in Miami. If you put him in a role where he can be a pass-rushing specialist, he could easily have seven or eight sacks. But if you expect him to line up and defend the run on a consistent basis, you've got the wrong guy.

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland basically came out and called Porter a declining player during the combine. But maybe it's good to have players such as Larry Johnson and Porter who are desperate to prove they still have something left. AFC West blogger Bill Williamson has told me about Shanahan's love of veterans, and we're starting to see that show up in free agency.

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