Breakfast links: Some Romo, some draft

So the draft is tomorrow, which I understand some people are excited about. The prospects have arrived in New York City. I dropped by the EA Sports event in Manhattan on Tuesday night and met Robert Griffin III and Fletcher Cox and some other folks. I always enjoy this part of the draft -- the days leading up to the thing itself, when these kids get to feel like kings of the world before the real work starts. Invariably, several of them are making their first-ever trip to New York, and as someone who grew up going to school field trips there, I have always found it to be a lot of fun to meet someone who's experiencing it for the first time.

Anyway, don't panic if things slow down a bit today. I am going up to Bristol for a meeting and then stopping back in Manhattan on the way home for another pre-draft event at which I hope to do some interviews that will assist me in writing intelligent and informative stories and columns on the players your favorite teams draft Thursday night. There will be posts today, but as I said, it could get a little slow. You get me all night Thursday and Friday and all day Saturday, so you'll have plenty of time to get sick of me before this is all said and done. And in the meantime, you know I'd never let you go a day without your links.

Dallas Cowboys

One of the topics Tony Romo addressed during his news conference Tuesday was the amount of time he has left as the starting quarterback of the Cowboys. Romo, who just turned 32, says he hasn't thought about it because, "Unless you start to regress in your abilities, that doesn't enter your thoughts." I think Romo's of a different mind on this issue than a lot of Cowboys fans are, and I think the team is as well. If the Cowboys draft a quarterback in the middle or late rounds this weekend, it will say more about their feelings on Stephen McGee as capable backup than it will about long-term worries about life after Romo.

In non-Romo news, Anthony Spencer showed up and worked out at the team facility on the day after he signed his franchise tender. Spencer's still hoping for a long-term deal, and it still doesn't look as though he's going to get one anytime soon.

New York Giants

Eli Manning joked that, in spite of the Giants' Super Bowl championship, he's still the third-most talked-about quarterback in New York. I think he's right, though I feel fairly certain that young Mark Sanchez would be happy to trade places with him in those rankings.

We have written a lot lately on this blog about the Giants and their approach to the draft. Peter King has a pretty outstanding in-depth look at the way the Giants have been built, and it's worth a read for non-Giants fans as well.

Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles want to get a player like Fletcher Cox or Luke Kuechly in the first round Thursday, it looks as though they may have to trade up. They can, since they have enough picks, and they might, if they decide one of those guys is worth it. A trade-up is just one of the scenarios Jonathan Tamari examines for the Eagles.

The Atlanta Falcons are indeed trying to trade for Asante Samuel, who at this point has to be dealt before the end of the draft or the Eagles are going to have a big problem. And again, it's not that Samuel can't play anymore. It's a salary dump for cap room they'll need to sign LeSean McCoy and their draft picks. Don't be surprised if all they get is a sixth-round pick.

Washington Redskins

The answer to the popular question of whether Graham Gano is safe as the Redskins' kicker became a very loud "no" on Tuesday when it was revealed that Neil Rackers has agreed to contract terms with Washington. I guess they'll bring them both to camp and let them fight it out, but Rackers' resume indicates that he's well-equipped to win the fight.

Rich Campbell's already up here, tailing Robert Griffin III around the Big Apple, and Griffin says the meetings he's had over the past several weeks with Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan have been useful and productive. You will continue to read more about Griffin on this blog over the next 48 hours.