Should Pittsburgh become 'America's Team?'

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
As a kid growing up in the Dallas area, it was easy to hate the Pittsburgh Steelers. They single-handedly prevented the Cowboys from becoming a dynasty in the '70s. And, of course, last night we had to watch image after image of Lynn Swann toying with Cowboys cornerback Mark Washington.

But I have a completely different feeling about this current group of Steelers. When you see the passion in Mike Tomlin's eyes and the sincerity in his voice, it's hard to root against him. My colleague Gene Wojciechowski makes an argument this morning that the Steelers should take the "America's Team" moniker away from the Cowboys.

"I think what makes America's Team is that anywhere you go in America, that's your home stadium," said safety Ryan Clark. "It's called Steelers Nation for a reason. [The Cowboys] may be called 'America's Team' because they have reality shows. They like to be in the headlines, things like that. ... But it felt like we were in Pittsburgh tonight."