How you feeling? Redskins-Dolphins

As you get ready for this afternoon's game against the Dolphins in Miami, here's one reason for Washington Redskins fans to feel good and one reason for concern:

Feeling good:Rex Grossman is back! What? That doesn't fire you up? It looks as though Grossman will get the start over John Beck at quarterback, and quite honestly there's reason to believe things will improve for the Redskins on offense. Not that they're going to turn into the Packers overnight, but in spite of his turnover tendencies, Grossman is obviously more comfortable running the offense than Beck. And the whole offense has to get back in sync. The Redskins have run the ball 26 times and thrown 80 passes over their past two games, and that's an awful ratio for a team whose hot start was built on the run game. Maybe with a less jittery quarterback under center, the offense will be able to relax and find better balance.

Cause for concern: The Redskins are banged up at safety, with O.J. Atogwe and LaRon Landry having missed practice this past week because of injuries. And the Dolphins are a team that can beat you deep if strong-armed Matt Moore can find huge wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Moore looked a lot better last week working tight end Anthony Fasano into the offense, and there's a chance Miami could put together a credible passing game against a Redskins team whose corners had better play tight.