Matt Roth would play for Rob Ryan again

Little bit of buzz today around the Cowboys' portion of the Internet over this interview Cleveland linebacker Matt Roth gave to The Plain Dealer. Roth, an unrestricted free agent, says he'd rather play OLB in a 3-4 than stay in Cleveland and play defensive end in a 4-3. He also praises former Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who just took the same position with the Cowboys:

"I challenge you to find one player who wouldn't run through a wall for him," Roth said. "I love playing that style. I know Dick Jauron's a good coach, but I don't want to have to deal with no nonsense. Just want to come in and play, do my job and have fun. That's a big factor in wherever I go."

Jauron, of course, would be the new defensive coordinator in Cleveland. And while I can't say for sure what sort of "nonsense" Roth is discussing, it sounds like he's not going back to the Browns. I also don't see, however, why he'd make sense for Dallas, which has needs at safety and cornerback and on the defensive line and maybe at inside linebacker but probably not at the OLB spots, where they're expecting continued big things from DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer. And since the division's other 3-4 team, the Washington Redskins, has spent two of its last three first-round picks on guys slated to start at OLB this year, Roth doesn't appear to be headed to the NFC East.