Cowboys '09 draft class: Boom or bust?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
I'm not sure if any draft class in the NFL has caused as many different reactions as the Cowboys' group. Sitting at Radio Music City Hall, I was stunned to see the club select a kicker in the fifth round. Only two years before, the Cowboys had drafted Arizona's Nick Folk, who's quickly turned into one of the league's best clutch kickers.

And on Saturday, the Cowboys came close to "passing" on their only second-round selection when they submitted a trade about two seconds before the deadline. They were desperately trying to trade up from No. 51 to take Oregon center Max Unger, but the Seahawks (No. 49) wanted the Cowboys' third-round pick (No. 69) and that was too steep a price for owner Jerry Jones.

Anyway, Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway wrote a really interesting column (mainly because he mentioned me) today that sort of explains where the Cowboys may have been coming from. And he correctly points out that Jones has had far better moments than his Sunday evening news conference when he delivered that stirring "cost-cutting" speech. There's nothing that fires up a fan base like bottom-line cost-cutting and a bevy of special teams players.

On Friday, I'm planning to stop by Valley Ranch and visit with the Cowboys' Class of '09. If you have any questions for young men such as Jason Williams, Robert Brewster and Stephen McGee, leave them in the "comments" section. I always read the "comments" right before bed time because they're usually so uplifting. Thanks for your continued support. I have to finish up a column and then I'll check back later this afternoon.