Fletcher should be in Pro Bowl

London Fletcher has been one of the best linebackers in the league this decade but he doesn't have a Pro Bowl to show for it. As his former coach with the Rams, Mike Martz, pointed out on the NFL Network recently, Fletcher's numbers are virtually the same as Ray Lewis' during the past 10 seasons.



Meanwhile, Lewis has nine Pro Bowls to Fletcher's zero. It's an injustice that fans, coaches and players need to address in the Pro Bowl voting this season. Fletcher's having another excellent season, so it's time to finally reward him with a trip to Hawaii. Redskins Pro Bowl tight end Chris Cooley had an interesting take on the Pro Bowl during a recent appearance on DC101:

"It's a tough position to get recognized, and it's tough, because every year you'll have guys that are creating more turnovers and more big plays, and not doing as many of the every-down things, but they have more shock value in what they're doing," said Cooley via D.C. Sports Bog. "And even though they're not as consistent, the fans vote, and the players vote, and a lot of times when the actual players vote it's not taken as seriously as it should be. And so I think the biggest vote is the coaches' vote, because they watch the most film and they're more serious about who they're voting for.

"And a lot of times players on teams will be like, 'Oh yeah, don't vote for him because we want our guy to make it, we think that guy will make it so don't vote for him.' You can't vote for your own team, but I would assume our tight end and offensive line group will vote for almost no-name middle linebackers. It's a weird political kind of vote thing. The Pro Bowl doesn't always work out the way it should .... Anyway, we'll see what happens. I really hope London makes it. It is a huge honor. I felt a huge honor when I got voted there. He deserves it. I watch a lot of guys on film. He deserves to be there."

Even the immortal Susan Lucci finally broke through and won an Emmy several years ago. Now, it's Fletcher's turn.