How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch

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Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley


Manning 1. Eli Manning, Giants quarterback: The most important player on the team is going through his worst stretch since the '07 season. He's been awful with his decision-making, and I don't think you can blame it on his young receivers. Against Philadelphia on Sunday, Manning's backside throw to rookie tight end Travis Beckum was intercepted by cornerback Asante Samuel. It was an indiscriminate throw that effectively took the Giants out of the game. And the interception late in the first half was almost as bad. It's amazing to see such an accomplished quarterback suddenly regress overnight.

Coughlin 2. Tom Coughlin, Giants head coach: I started to single out defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, but Coughlin's the guy who has to be accountable for this three-game losing streak. The Giants have been a good bounce-back team under Coughlin, but they are reeling. There's no way in the world a Giants defense should be dominated at the line of scrimmage. It's not like Eagles coach Andy Reid particularly enjoys running the football. But he did it with ease against the Giants. Something must change before Sunday's home game against the Chargers.

Webster 3. Corey Webster, Giants cornerback: He's not as bad as others in the secondary, but Webster's the highest-paid player back there. You would expect him to make plays to turn this thing around. Instead, he whiffed on a tackle attempt of Jason Avant and lets him sprint 28 yards up the field. Webster must do better. The Giants need their most talented player in the secondary to try to take over games. He must have a strong performance against the Chargers.


Weaver 1. Leonard Weaver, Eagles fullback: In the Andy Reid era, the fullback has rarely received any touches. But on Sunday, the Eagles unleashed the 250-pound Weaver as a ball carrier -- and he responded with 75 yards on eight carries. The Giants didn't have any answers for Weaver, who had a 41-yard touchdown on the game's third play from scrimmage. Weaver set the tone for the Eagles. Now, Reid and Mornhinweg need to keep him in the rotation. We knew the Eagles had a lot of weapons. But I didn't know Weaver was one of them.

Cole 2. Trent Cole, Eagles defensive end: He didn't have a sack, but he dominated the line of scrimmage. Cole's one of the most underrated defenders in the division. He's a relentless pass-rusher but he also does a really nice job against the run. It was Cole who kept forcing Brandon Jacobs to stutter-step at the line of scrimmage. You don't want a back like Jacobs taking a false step. Cole was racing to the airport Monday night to go hunting in Ohio. On Sunday night, he'll be hunting Tony Romo.

Romo 3. Tony Romo, Cowboys quarterback: After poor performances in the Cowboys' two losses, Romo has been on a roll. He's gone three consecutive games without an interception and he's still making big plays. He doesn't like to talk about it, but Romo's found sort of a happy medium between his free-wheelin' ways and an overly conservative approach. It's no coincidence that his strong play has occurred during the rise of wide receiver Miles Austin, who has put together the best three-game stretch in club history. If Romo ever gets on the same page with "No. 1" wide receiver Roy Williams, watch out.