Eli Manning out sick, Giants not worried

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Yes, it was only practice, but New York Giants guard Chris Snee admits he did a double-take when backup quarterback David Carr showed up in the huddle. Snee knew Eli Manning wasn't feeling well, but when you're used to a guy being there for every snap, every day, every year for eight, nine years... well, it's weird. And not real comfortable.

"I'm actually going to bring him some soup tomorrow," Snee said. "I'll do whatever it takes to make sure he's feeling better."

The Giants sent Manning home from practice early because he had a stomach bug. With about 50 times more media around the team than usual Wednesday because it's NFC Championship Game week, this could qualify as alarming news. But Giants coach Tom Coughlin says the team is hoping it's just a 24-hour deal, and every player who was asked about Manning's illness laughed off the idea that it could be a lingering problem.

"Are you kidding me? He's Eli Manning," defensive lineman Dave Tollefson said. "They probably have some kind of special virus-killing medicine that only Eli Manning can use. I'd be out for two weeks; he'll be good tomorrow."

Manning's scheduled news conference was canceled, also a victim of the illness, so we didn't get a chance to ask him how he was feeling. But this is a guy who never misses work, so he must have been feeling pretty rotten if he couldn't finish practice. I can't imagine it's an issue that will affect his chances of playing Sunday, but I'm sure Giants fans and Manning's teammates will feel better once he makes it through practice Thursday.