Odell Beckham Jr. looks like a Giants bright spot

SEATTLE -- The New York Giants are 3-6, which is the same record they had at this point last season, and if you're a Giants fan you're not real happy about much of anything right now.

But whether you like it or not, this year for the Giants is about showing progress in their new offense, and rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is showing quite a lot. Beckham caught seven of the nine balls that were thrown his way Sunday for a total of 108 yards. He couldn't come down with a miracle catch in the end zone on a play that ended up being a costly interception in a 38-17 loss, but he impressed his opponent quite a bit.

"I thought Beckham was really good," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "He really came out of there and was the big factor early on. I thought he showed that he was a really good football player today. They've got a great one in that kid."

The Seahawks clearly saw something on tape that impressed them about Beckham. They don't usually move their cornerbacks around, but they did switch up top corner Richard Sherman a few times to get him on Beckham. Beckham beat Sherman for a long one in the first half (with the help of a perfect throw by Eli Manning), but the Seahawks made some coverage adjustments in the second half to slow him down a bit.

Regardless, Beckham looks like a rising star in the Giants' offense and a player on whom Manning believes he can rely.

"He's doing some good things," Manning said. "He made some big plays for us, had a couple of third-down conversions, finding holes in the defense. He's definitely doing some good things."

For his part, Beckham seemed to enjoy the challenge of competing against Sherman, who complimented him after the game and let Beckham have his jersey as a souvenir.

"When you go up against a great defense like that, you can't just sit back and not try to attack," Beckham said. "You have to go at them. I think we did a great job of that tonight, we just didn't execute as well in the second half."

For a rookie who missed all of training camp and the first four weeks of the season with a hamstring injury, Beckham is at least meeting expectations if not exceeding them on a weekly basis. If you're a Giants fan looking for something to feel good about over the final months of this season, Beckham is where you should look.