Rapid Reaction: Colts 38, Giants 14

INDIANAPOLIS -- Things worth noting from the Giants' loss to the Colts on Sunday:

What it means: That the New York Giants aren’t in the Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Colts class yet. They can beat the Carolina Panthers, but they aren’t among the elite. When the schedule came out, though, did you really think the Giants were winning this one? The Giants at 1-1 after a 38-14 loss to the Colts is what we expected.

Oh brother: Peyton Manning now leads 2-0 in Manning vs Manning. Eli held his own in the first encounter, but this one was no competition. Peyton Manning finished 20-for-26 with 255 yards and three touchdowns. Eli Manning, under pressure most of the night, was 13 for 24 for 161 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. His best throw of the night was a 54-yard strike to Mario Manningham.

Playcalling: Dude, where’s my playbook? The Giants tried to match up with the Colts on defense and offense and nothing seemed to work in the first half. Defensively, the Giants went with three safeties and three defensive backs with one linebacker and four defensive linemen for much of the first half against Peyton Manning. And the Colts gashed them on the ground. Joseph Addai had 80 yards on 13 carries and Donald Brown had 44 yards by halftime. And when Peyton Manning threw, he picked the Giants apart whenever he wanted to.

Offensively, the Giants kept trying to run, using backup center Adam Koets often at tight end. That didn’t work.

The first half did the Giants in. They had just 69 yards of total offense. Indy amassed 278. Give Peyton Manning a 24-0 halftime lead and you can say good night.

Truly offensive: Tackles David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie had their share of trouble with the Colts’ defensive ends. Dwight Freeney overpowered Diehl and sacked and stripped Eli Manning in the third quarter that resulted in a defensive touchdown for the Colts to put the Giants out of their misery at 31-7. Eli Manning was sacked four times and hit six times overall.

Shawn Andrews waits in the bullpen.

Where's the running game? The Giants saw what Arian Foster did to Indy’s defense in the season opener. So they wanted to establish the run, putting an extra offensive lineman at tight end. Ahmad Bradshaw ran for a tough 89 yards but nowhere close to the 231 yards Foster had last week.

Losing your helmet: Brandon Jacobs, whose role continues to shrink, was frustrated after a play and appeared to want to throw his helmet to the turf. It somehow ended up in the stands and Jacobs had to explain himself to Tom Coughlin.

MIA: Hakeem Nicks played after being listed as questionable with an ankle injury. But he was a non-factor for most of the game.

What's next: A very big game for linebacker Keith Bulluck and the Giants. They will face the Tennessee Titans at home, and the Giants know they must take care of business against teams they can beat at home. Vince Young and Chris Johnson are always dangerous.