Breakfast links: Garcon's injury lingers

I was going to go with bacon this morning, but I decided on links instead.

New York Giants

When the Giants last met the Redskins, they were trying to stop a Rex Grossman-led offense. This year's challenge, Robert Griffin III, is far different, and the Giants are spending the week preparing for the uncommon threat the Redskins' rookie quarterback presents.

With Ahmad Bradshaw sitting out practice Wednesday with a recurrence of his foot problems, Andre Brown and David Wilson split first-team snaps. Brown has been cleared to resume practicing (obviously) now that he's past his concussion symptoms and says he wants the ball. I have no idea how the Giants' running-back carries will work, but I'd be surprised if Bradshaw got 27 or 30 carries in a game again any time soon.

Philadelphia Eagles

Tim McManus has concluded that Andy Reid couldn't bench Michael Vick for Nick Foles even if he wanted to, so sorry is the state of his offensive line right now. Tim points out how remarkable it is that Vick hasn't had to miss even one play yet this year due to injury, given how much he's been hit and harassed. Not to blame-shift here, but the point is that a quarterback switch might not cure everything -- or even anything -- that's wrong.

So, how to fix the offensive line? Geoff Mosher has some ideas, including some specific, potentially helpful names and the idea of moving Todd Herremans inside to guard that we've discussed on here a few times over the past couple of days.

Washington Redskins

That Griffin-led Redskins offense has yet to show its full potential, in part because of the persistent and frustrating foot injury to wide receiver Pierre Garcon, who says he has no choice but to be patient and let it heal.

Brian Orakpo, out for the season with a pectoral-muscle injury, feels he's let his teammates down. They're getting by without him, thanks to their ability to keep their coverage schemes in flux and use their linebackers in a variety of different roles from play to play. But there's little doubt they miss having Orakpo on the field.

Dallas Cowboys

Felix Jones says he's ready to be the Cowboys' full-time starting running back again, which is what he said last year and wouldn't prevent me from picking up Phillip Tanner as a potentially productive fantasy football sleeper for this weekend's game against that weak Carolina run defense. Not sayin', just sayin', Felix sometimes gets hurt.

As if Dez Bryant didn't have enough issues already, Calvin Watkins says he needs to stop arguing with officials so much.