Vick talks to police

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick called police in Virginia Beach, Va., on Monday to discuss a shooting that occurred outside the club that was hosting his 30th birthday party, according to the player's attorney. The man who was shot, Quanis Phillips, was a co-conspirator in Vick's dogfighting case and the two are not allowed to associate as part of their federal probation.

"Michael voluntarily cooperated with the investigation, went in on his own and answered all the police detective's questions," Vick's attorney Larry Woodward Jr. told the Virginian-Pilot on Monday.

Woodward also said that Phillips was an uninvited guest to the birthday party. It's probably a smart move for Vick to go out of his way to help the police in this investigation. He knows that Roger Goodell will be monitoring his every move, just as he has since his reinstatement last July.