Vick wants to play for Panthers

Michael Vick made a very interesting disclosure on an Atlanta radio station. He said if he could choose one team to play for, it would be the Carolina Panthers.

VickVickHmmm, the Panthers sure could use some quarterback help. But this might be nothing more than wishful thinking by Vick. I have a very tough time seeing Carolina owner Jerry Richardson allow coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney to pursue Vick, even if they wanted to.

Ever since the Rae Carruth episode, Richardson has strongly been against bringing in players with character issues. Richardson also has gone ahead and booted some players off the roster after they’ve gotten into trouble.

I also have a tough time seeing Fox and Hurney even being interested. Vick certainly has some great talents, but Fox and Hurney prefer a game manager as their type of quarterback. I don’t think Vick even comes close to that profile. One other thing to keep in mind, Fox and Hurney don’t like a lot of attention.

If they were to bring in Vick, the circus instantly would be in Charlotte. That’s just not the type of thing Fox and Hurney like.