Is Jerry Jones the new Boss?

ESPN.com contributing writer Johnette Howard thinks that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the closest thing we have in professional sports to the late George Steinbrenner. But she's surprised that Jones seems to be downplaying his club's shot at winning another Super Bowl.


Jones"Who is this guy soft-pedaling the 2010 Cowboys' chances of winning it all and talking instead about the unpredictable 'journey' that all NFL seasons become?" asks Howard. "Nobody should buy this judicious Jerry. He will not last. And it doesn't become him, anyway. Somewhere down the road, Jones will forget his humility and snap back to who he really is. He is still the man who once dismissed a past bit of bravado by telling a magazine interviewer, "That was just the whiskey talkin'," and maintained that vanity is a good thing because "It makes you go the extra mile."

I wouldn't worry about Jones cutting back on the hyperbole. Believe me, he's spent the last three years daydreaming about the Cowboys playing a Super Bowl in his beloved stadium. Jones and Steinbrenner had a unique relationship that actually led to them becoming business partners. But Jones can't approach The Boss when it comes to impulsive decisions.

If Steinbrenner had been the owner of the Cowboys, I think Wade Phillips would've been fired following the '08 season. In retrospect, that would've been the wrong move. But at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. Jones still regrets giving up on Chan Gailey so fast, and that's one of the reasons Phillips is still in Dallas.

Steinbrenner and Jones shared a passion for winning, but it always seemed to me that Jones had a little more fun along the way. But if you're making the argument that Jones is now the most recognizable owner in professional sports, you may have a point.

Can you name another owner who might be considered for a guest spot on HBO's "Entourage"? Ralph Wilson, anyone?