What they're saying about Big Blue

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

NEW YORK -- After catching a couple of hours sleep this morning, I woke up and read all the local newspapers. In Dallas, that takes me about 30 minutes. Here, you can spend an entire morning.

Before I provide several links, let me tell you about Tom Coughlin's demeanor in the postgame locker room. I half-expected him to dwell on his team's plodding ways in the second half, but instead, he seemed to have this huge sense of relief. He's grown tired of all the Super Bowl hangover talk, and he seemed pleased to be discussing the start of a new season. I watched him stop by several of his players' lockers to crack jokes and then he gave me a playful shove as he walked past. Not quite sure what the protocol is for responding to a playful Coughlin shove, so I'm open to ideas.

Most of us never expected his complexion to recover from that bitter cold night in Green Bay, but on this night, he looked rather normal. Now, let's take a look at what folks are saying about the Giants' victory:

  • Joe Lapointe writes about the scare defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka gave the Giants late in the game. I talked to Kiwanuka briefly, and he said he was fine. It was funny to hear Justin Tuck encourage writers to ask Kiwanuka about his injury. Tuck's a guy who could emerge as a big personality on this team.

  • William Rhoden of the Old Gray Lady manages to take a poke at Tony Romo in a Redskins-Giants column. It's funny that even the local media sort of captures this "no respect" theme.

  • Mike Garafolo somehow managed to write three stories in the Star-Ledger while interviewing players for his Web site's video operation. Loved watching Antonio Pierce make fun of Garafolo's TV skills, which weren't bad by the way. "You're fired," Pierce said following the interview. Oh, and Pierce is the next player who will be at odds with Giants management. Just watch it fester.

  • Some interesting nuggets in this Star-Ledger story. Strahan was paid $75,000 to pop out of a Lombardi Trophy last night and Vinny Cerrato told Andrea Kremer that the Redskins never offered Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo their head-coaching position.

  • Here's why I like Gary Myers: When everyone's writing the obvious columns (Plax, defense, Eli), he's stirring up trouble on PSLs. I couldn't hear the fans booing John Mara from the press box, but apparently Gary did. I knew he was up to something when I saw him corner Mara in the postgame locker room. He's been doing that stuff since the days he patrolled the Cowboys' locker room for the Dallas Morning News.