Clinton Portis rules Fantasy land?

I know we haven't done a ton of fantasy stuff on the Beast, but I'm willing to change that if you guys are interested. ESPN.com's Matt Berry delivered his voluminous "Guys I Love, Guys I Hate" column on Tuesday and it's packed with helpful information about players from the NFC East.

The players in the "love" category are the ones Berry recommends drafting a round or two early. His "hate" list includes players whom he deems to be overvalued or have boring Twitter accounts. Redskins fans might be pleased to know that Berry's bullish on running back Clinton Portis:

People are gonna say this is me being a Redskins homer for this pick, but seriously, he's been a first- or second-round pick every year of his career and these days he's going in the eighth, writes Berry. People are concerned about the Russian roulette Mike Shanahan is known for playing with running backs, but Portis had his most productive years playing under Shanny.

People are worried about his health, but prior to last year, he had two straight years of playing all 16 games and had missed just 12 games in the seven years prior to '09. People are worried about all the other running backs there, but I'm not sure Willie Parker makes the team and I actually think Larry Johnson being there helps, as it will save a little wear and tear on Portis during the year. In short, I disagree with the people. One last thing and, this will shock you … he's only 29. Oh, it's an old 29. But still. Just 29 and a better-than-average chance to be the lead back on a decent offense. Eighth round. Come on.

In other Skins news, Berry thinks Santana Moss and Devin Thomas will have excellent value in the later rounds. He even makes an interesting comparison between Moss and the Eagles' DeSean Jackson. And it's not a favorable comparison for Jackson.

So which NFC East players does Berry "hate?" Well, he thinks some of you will draft Eagles running back LeSean McCoy a little too early. Here's what Berry did with McCoy's stats:

In each of the past three seasons, the Eagles have been in the bottom 10 in rush attempts. Offensive touches for the 2009 Eagles inside an opponent's 10-yard line:

LeSean McCoy 8

Leonard Weaver 8

Brian Westbrook 7

Brent Celek 6

Michael Vick 4

Eldra Buckley 3

Jason Avant 2

Donovan McNabb 2

Reggie Brown, Kevin Kolb, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson -- 1 each.

Look, I think he'll be good. What I don't think is he's the reincarnation of Brian Westbrook. He's not the run-blocker or pass-catcher that Westbrook was in this offense. They have a lot of guys, including newly acquired Mike Bell, Leonard Weaver and Mike Vick around the goal line not to mention Jackson, Maclin and Celek.

And if you'd like to find out why Berry "hates" Donovan McNabb, read the full column.