Reid will be selfish with Kevin Kolb

If Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid had won at least one Super Bowl by now, he might approach this quarterback situation differently. But with folks starting to talk about his job security, he'll likely take the safe route and enter the 2011 season with two quality starters rather than one.

Faced with too much time on his hands, longtime Beast enthusiast Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News came up with 10 scenarios for how this situation could play out. And I agree with Hofmann that it's unlikely the Eagles will part with Kolb, although the former University of Houston star won't like that outcome.

The labor situation further complicates Kolb's prospects. He deserves an opportunity to become a starter for another team, but Reid needs insurance for Michael Vick because of his reckless approach. I suppose Kolb could be a bit more aggressive in demanding a trade, but that's simply not his nature.

Guys from Stephenville, Texas, rarely stage holdouts.