Giants' CB Johnson receives large bonus

This time of year, we always find out how much the league rewards players in performance-based pay. This is an amount of money that goes toward players whose time on the field exceeds what role they were expected to have based on their draft status.

Giants cornerback Bruce Johnson was an undrafted rookie out of the University of Miami last season who played a vital role in the defense due to injuries. And that's why he'll be depositing a $270,766 check from the league this week, according to the Star-Ledger.

Vikings center John Sullivan, a former sixth-round pick, reportedly led the league with $397,555. I remember covering a right tackle for the Cowboys named Rob Petitti who was stunned to suddenly receive a large performance-based payment. But once he got his wits about him, Petitti rushed off to purchase a 10-person hot tub. Seriously.