A unique perspective on Jerry Jones

The newest member of the ESPN.com community, Ross Tucker, played for Dave Campo's 2002 Dallas Cowboys. He knows what it feels like to have a lame-duck head coach and he talks about the current Cowboys situation in his latest mailbag column:

"I was in this situation once, interestingly, in Dallas in 2002, and it is tremendously unpleasant for everyone involved," writes Tucker. "That was the season when Jones famously met with Bill Parcells in an airplane hangar in New Jersey while Dave Campo was still the head coach. The team facility was a morgue for the rest of the season after that news broke. The accountability immediately vanished for some players because they knew Campo was as good as gone, and as such, a number of players missed curfew the night before the final game in Washington. It was bad.

"I hardly ever call for coaches to get fired and almost never during the season, but in this case it must happen. And the sooner the better."

If the Cowboys lose in Green Bay on Sunday night, maybe Jones will make the move. But as stubborn as he's been throughout this process, there's no guarantee that happens. The biggest reason he should fire Phillips immediately is because of all those empty seats at Cowboys Stadium last Sunday. It's time to make a significant change to show this fan base that Jones understands what a complete and utter failure this season has become.

But don't forget that Roy Williams said the Cowboys are about to win nine straight ...