Chat wrap: Attack of Jack from Raleigh

We had our regular weekly chat Tuesday, and it was awesome as always. But I'm kind of done selling the chat after almost a full year of doing it. If you don't come chat with us on Tuesdays, I'm not sure what hope there still is for you. Here are some highlights of what you missed this week.

Damien from Philadelphia asked which of the NFC East first-round picks I believe will have the most 2012 impact.

Dan Graziano: Morris Claiborne, because I think the learning curve is less steep for a cornerback at this level than it is for a quarterback.

Well, this really upset Jack from Raleigh, who called it "a ridiculous answer," said something along the lines of "learning curve, shmurning curve" and insisted that it's completely impossible for a cornerback to affect a football game to the same extent that a quarterback (presumably he's suggesting Robert Griffin III) does.

DG: Ok then.

But Jack from Raleigh wasn't done. He came back with this bit of furious grammatical genius: "Who impacts a game more Revis or Brady, Brees, Mannings, Big Ben, etc..... its just ridiculous, the Eagles had the best collection of corners in the league and because Vick got hurt there season was a whiff....if you want to say RGIII is overrated fine, but don't tell me a corner can have a bigger impact than a QB...so is that what your saying? that RGIII is going to bust?"

DG: Holy hell, Jack. Calm down. The question was, "Which first-round pick do you think has the biggest impact next year?" I think, given how much harder it is to learn QB at the NFL level than it is to learn CB, Claiborne is the right answer. That's no insult to Griffin, who I believe will be great as I have written many times. But to think Griffin won't struggle this year, or that they won't lean on the run to help him out, is kind of silly.

Honey Badger from DC later asked what was up with Jack from Raleigh.

DG: He seems very upset. I felt like giving him a Snickers bar. Jack from Raleigh, you're not you when you're hungry.

Anyway, I think Claiborne's going to be great. And I think Griffin probably will too, but that it'll take longer. And we did talk about other things Tuesday. On the rookie-impact topic, Kyle from Lock Haven, PA asked whether the Giants' Rueben Randle could be the best rookie receiver in the league this year with the help of the Giants' outstanding quarterback.

DG: Don't underestimate the impact Eli Manning has on Randle's chances to develop quickly. He's certainly a better quarterback than that of any WR who was drafted ahead of Randle. Only one who has a case, for me, is Ryan Broyles' QB in Detroit.

Garrett from Wilmington asked how much longer the Eagles will stick with Michael Vick at quarterback, given the way in which his annual injury issues limit how far his rare talent can taken them.

DG: This is the proverbial make-or-break year for Vick in Philly. They can get out of his contract after this year with very little pain, I believe. If it all bottoms out, I imagine they'll look elsewhere.

Scott from VB, VA noted that Mel Kiper says he'd have given the Washington Redskins an "A" for their draft if they'd picked Zebrie Sanders in the third round instead of Josh LeRibeus and wondered what I thought about that.

DG: I'm sure the case can be made for Sanders as a better offensive lineman than Josh LeRibeus. But it's important to remember that the Redskins lean hard on a zone-blocking run game and draft and sign linemen they believe are well suited to that scheme. They likely see something in LeRibeus that they believe fits the unique kind of blocking schemes they like to run, so it's not as simple as saying, "This guy was rated better, so he'd have been a better pick there."

And finally, Z from P, SD (feel like I'm watching Sesame Street there) wonders whether we're safe to assume the Cowboys' Claiborne pick automatically means Mike Jenkins can't be a starting cornerback anymore, since Jason Garrett is always preaching the value of competition at every spot.

DG: Sure, but moving up to pick Claiborne certainly indicates that Jenkins isn't beginning the competition from an especially strong position in the minds of the coaching staff.

So yeah. Fun chat, as always. If you weren't there, drop by next week.