The future of Sean Lee is at weakside linebacker

IRVING, Texas -- Outside of talking about the status of quarterback Tony Romo, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones discussed a potential position change for one of his best players: Sean Lee.

Jones, speaking to 105.3 The Fan on Friday said Lee, the Cowboys' starting middle linebacker, who is out for the season with a torn ACL, could change positions.

Jones said Lee could move to weakside linebacker, a spot where Justin Durant, who is now out for the season with a torn biceps muscle, played.

"That's really going to be hard," Jones said of losing Durant. "That's quite a loss for us, he plays a key spot, that weakside linebacker in what [defensive coordinator] Rod Marinelli and [assistant head coach/defense] Monte Kiffin want to do with this system. It's probably likely, and we're probably getting ahead of ourselves but it's where Sean Lee will end up. That's when you got a guy who can play that way, he becomes next to what they call the three-technique or quick tackle on your defensive front, your pressure player, that guy comes right there with him as an important player."

The thinking of moving Lee, who has yet to finish a 16-game season due to injuries, allows him to take on fewer blockers by playing the weakside.

At middle linebacker, he faces guards and centers on nearly every play. With Lee out for the season, the Cowboys have started Rolando McClain at that position, but he's retired twice in his career and prior to this season, there was concern about his commitment to the game.

After the solid start to the season, McClain's commitment hasn't been an issue, still the Cowboys have to be cautious regarding the middle linebacker position if Lee doesn't start there in 2015.

Of course, the team could move Anthony Hitchens to that spot, and he's performed at all three linebacker positions this year. Durant's solid season and now his loss, in addition to how McClain is playing, raises some interesting questions.

"Durant has been that for us and to a lot of peoples surprise, he's really come onto his own," Jones said on 105.3. "Having said all that, we're going to miss him. He had his best game ever last week as you read about and heard about. We're going to not be able to replace him heads up."