Breakfast links: Murray says he's back

Good rainy Wednesday morning to you here in the East. Let's have some links, shall we?

Dallas Cowboys

Second-year running back DeMarco Murray says he's "back 100 percent" and is enjoying the voluntary offseason program he's on with the Cowboys. All good news for Cowboys fans, as the offense functioned at a considerably higher level in 2011 after Murray got the starting running back job and before he broke his ankle in the first Giants game.

Calvin Watkins ponders whether the Cowboys have more work to do yet in free agency -- specifically at running back, wide receiver and punter. I do think they could stand to add depth at those first two positions and that they probably will, but I don't think they need to do anything splashy or spectacular at either spot. And they claimed punter Jake Rogers off waivers Tuesday, and I guess it's still possible that Mat McBriar could prove himself healthy and return. So, time to work on these things.

New York Giants

Somebody pointed out on the chat Tuesday this story about Hakeem Nicks saying he was looking forward to helping second-round pick Rueben Randle develop as an NFL wide receiver. It's not lip-service. First of all, it's the Giants' way. Second of all, NFL wide receivers don't come much cooler, more selfless or more self-assured than Nicks. I have no doubt that his words are sincere and that he will make good on them.

The Giants are mourning the loss of former wide receiver Stacy Robinson, who was a star of Super Bowl XXI and a member of each of the franchise's first two Super Bowl championship teams. Sad. Robinson was only 50 years old.

Philadelphia Eagles

Draft pick signings are less dramatic than they used to be, here in the second year of the rookie wage scale, and the Eagles somewhat easily got second-round pick Mychal Kendricks locked up on a four-year deal Tuesday. Not that it matters much, since unsigned rookies can still participate in this weekend's rookie minicamp, but it's an opportunity once again point out that Kendricks is in position to be a starting linebacker for the Eagles this season if he looks at all good in the preseason.

I like to joke with the Cowboys fans about how much they enjoy the offseason updates on Tony Romo's golf game, so it's only fair that I offer Eagles fans an update on Michael Vick's offseason efforts at chess. Here's a story in which Vick has his butt whipped by some high schoolers in the game he took up while in prison.

Washington Redskins

The first hearing in the grievance by the Redskins and Cowboys against the league and the NFLPA over the salary cap penalties is scheduled for Thursday, but don't expect much in the way of resolution. This is a hearing to determine jurisdiction -- i.e., whether those teams have the right to grieve this in front of the arbitrator and whether the NFL management council had the right to impose the penalties in the first place. More hearings are likely down the road.

Aldrick Robinson hopes his speed can set him apart in the Redskins' crowded wide receiver corps. The Redskins did promote him from the practice squad when other teams showed interest, so it's not as though the second-year wideout is off their radar. But the competition at those spots is going to be serious.