How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch


1. Kareem McKenzie, New York Giants right tackle: It's never a good day when your head coach has to yank you off the field in the fourth quarter because of two personal fouls. McKenzie doesn't really have the reputation of being a hothead, but he lost his cool against the Tennessee Titans last week. The Giants' offense moved the ball throughout the afternoon but personal fouls against McKenzie and left tackle David Diehl put the team in a bind it couldn't overcome. McKenzie is a veteran who should know better.

2. Jim Haslett, Washington Redskins defensive coordinator: I had a tough time figuring out which defensive player to single out, so let's just go with the architect of this unit. Steven Jackson's 42-yard touchdown run gave the hapless Rams hope early in this game. The linebackers were undisciplined on the play and you could see safety Kareem Moore whiff on Jackson. He's a talented running back but there's no excuse for letting him take it to the house on that play. The defense also allowed a rookie quarterback to find his rhythm. Sam Bradford made plays on third down, and as Mike Shanahan pointed out, that's why he gets paid the big bucks. But the Redskins should've done a better job with the pressure.

3. Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants running back: He had some nice moments in this game, but his fumble at the Titans' 5-yard line in the second half was a killer. The Giants had a chance to climb back in the game in the third quarter but Titans safety Michael Griffin poked the ball out from behind. Ball security has to be a huge thing near the goal line. Bradshaw was running like he was at the 50-yard line. The running back was also called for a chop block when center Adam Koets was engaged with a defender. That play started the second-half collapse.


1. Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver: No one in the Cowboys organization has received as much criticism as this player since he arrived during the '08 season. His lack of chemistry with Tony Romo has been one of the biggest mysteries in Dallas since "Who Shot J.R.?" But for one Sunday, Williams and Romo were on the same page. On the second of his two touchdowns, Williams and Romo made a sight adjustment at the line of scrimmage and opted out of a running play. If Williams has truly turned the corner, it will open things up for the rest of the offense. And he's actually played pretty well in all three games.

2. Trent Cole, Philadelphia Eagles defensive end: I realize that Michael Vick could be on the list every week, but let's praise a member of a defense that held the mighty Jaguars without a touchdown. Cole had two sacks, eight tackles and a pass deflection. He's so good at keeping his pad level low and forcing offensive tackles to sort of lunge at him. It will also help as Brandon Graham continues to develop on the other side. Cole anchored an excellent defensive performance against what appears to be an awful team.

3. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker: Folks had been waiting for Ware to have a breakout game and it happened against the Houston Texans. The Cowboys took full advantage of left tackle Duane Brown being out with a suspension. Ware set up his man with power early in the game and then turned on the speed. He had three sacks in the game and also looked good in coverage on a couple of occasions. Ware is back on pace to have his usual 16 or 17 sacks.