How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch


Ken Hamlin, Dallas Cowboys safety: The veteran safety reportedly (he tweeted it) spent some time at the Playboy Mansion this past weekend and didn't make it back in time for the first official day of "voluntary" workouts. The Cowboys offer make-up sessions, so this in itself isn't a big deal. But Hamlin's future is already hanging in the balance because he hasn't lived up to his lucrative contract extension.

There's a decent chance the Cowboys draft his replacement in the first round. And if you see someone such as South Florida's Nate Allen come off the board at No. 27, it might be a good sign that Hamlin's on his way out. Hamlin is known as a fierce hitter, but he continues to get victimized in coverage. With the Eagles and Giants both making moves to upgrade at safety, the Cowboys can't afford to go with status quo. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Hamlin's released this offseason. I don't think anyone wants to trade for his contract.

Update: The Cowboys cut Hamlin and offensive tackle Flozell Adams on Friday.


Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback

He's just biding his time while the Eagles try to find an exit strategy for Donovan McNabb. But with each day, fans become more and more excited about the Kolb Era. He needs to enjoy it while it lasts. Kolb's a laidback Texan off the field, but his young teammates have come to respect his presence in the huddle.

Outside of Brian Westbrook (released) and fullback Leonard Weaver, you haven't heard anyone rush to McNabb's defense. I think young players such as Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek are ready to play with Kolb. I also think Kolb has a lot more respect from scouts around the league than some folks think. Do you think the Eagles would trade Kolb if someone offered them a late first-round pick? I don't.