Former Redskins assistant calls out Portis

Stump Mitchell has served the past two seasons as the running backs coach for the Washington Redskins. He was one of the few coaches Jim Zorn was allowed to bring with him from Seattle Seahawks. Now that he's taking over as the head coach at Southern, he's willing to say some things about his star pupil, Clinton Portis.

Washington Post reporter Jason Reid caught up with Mitchell via phone Monday and asked if Portis would benefit from better conditioning.

"That's a slam dunk, Clinton could've worked harder." Mitchell told Reid. "He's got to do that, and Dan [Snyder] has to understand that that's what has to be done. In order for the Redskins to be successful, that's what Clinton has to do. He has to change the way he's done things in the past, in order for them to be successful as a team."

Portis took to the local radio airwaves recently to take some unprovoked shots at quarterback Jason Campbell, so now he's getting some of his own medicine. I think Mike Shanahan would be better served to move on without Portis. He's someone who has had a direct line to the owner, which has alienated him from some of his teammates. He wasn't around much late in the season because he was on injured reserve with a concussion, but his mind was clear enough to allow him to throw a teammate under the bus after the season.