Play the New York Giants, win an award

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Arizona Cardinals punt returner Ted Ginn Jr. was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for Week 2. This is no surprise, because Ginn played against the New York Giants.

Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy was the NFC's Defensive Player of the Week in Week 1. He also played the Giants that week.

In fact, since the start of the 2013 season, the Giants have played 18 games. In eight of those, a player on the opposing team delivered a performance that won him a conference Player of the Week award:


Week 1: Dwayne Harris, Cowboys (NFC special teams)

Week 2: Trindon Holliday, Broncos (AFC special teams)

Week 3: Greg Hardy, Panthers (NFC defensive)

Week 4: Dexter McCluster, Chiefs (AFC special teams)

Week 5: DeSean Jackson, Eagles (NFC offensive)

Week 15: Richard Sherman, Seahawks (NFC defensive)


Week 1: DeAndre Levy, Lions (NFC defensive)

Week 2: Ted Ginn Jr., Cardinals (NFC special teams)

If it seems like a lot, that's because it is. Since the start of the 2013 season, no team has had more opposing players win conference Player of the Week awards than the Giants have. Washington is second with seven. Every team in the league has at least two except the Rams, who've only had one, and the Steelers, who somehow haven't had any. Here's the list:

Most opposing players winning conference Player of the Week awards since start of 2013 season

New York Giants: 8

Washington: 7

Tampa Bay: 6

Indianapolis: 6

Green Bay: 5

Oakland: 5

Dallas: 5

Detroit: 5

Tennessee: 5

New Orleans: 5

Philadelphia: 4

Minnesota: 4

Miami: 4

New York Jets: 4

Baltimore: 3

San Francisco: 3

Arizona: 3

Houston: 3

Atlanta: 3

San Diego: 3

Buffalo: 3

Cleveland: 3

Jacksonville: 2

Carolina: 2

Denver: 2

Cincinnati: 2

Kansas City: 2

Seattle: 2

New England: 2

Chicago: 2

St. Louis: 1

Pittsburgh: 0