Breakfast links: The DeSean question

It was real nice, thanks. Took my kids to see Star Wars on Friday night, went out with my wife Saturday night, watched golf and the Grammys Sunday. Didn't think about football very much at all. Good little refresher. Hope to do it again soon. Thanks for asking.

But free agency starts a month from today, and I know that's on your mind along with that little "draft" thing they have planned for late April, so let's kick off a real solid week of offseason coverage with some fresh, hot links.

New York Giants

So, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz showed up in L.A. on Sunday night to present a Grammy. But Jason Pierre-Paul will not be appearing Monday night for TNA wrestling. This was apparently a possibility from which Pierre-Paul (or someone very wise who's close to him) changed his mind.

Mike Garafolo has a look at the superstitions that the Giants carried with them to and through Super Bowl XLVI. It was impossible not to notice the Christmas decorations still up in their offices in the final week of January, but I was not aware that John Mara was wearing the same tie to every game or that David Diehl had to talk to a four-year-old before games.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff McLane explains why it's a sure thing that the Eagles will designate DeSean Jackson as their franchise player, and why that won't end their decision-making process on Jackson, who still could be traded to a different team after the franchise tag is applied. The most important thing to remember here is that every single decision the Eagles make between now and September will be for the purpose of helping the 2012 team reach the Super Bowl. For the people running the franchise, there's nothing beyond next season right now.

Asante Samuel is another Eagle whose future is in question, and Samuel has no idea where he'll be playing next season. He says he wants to be back in Philadelphia, but it feels unlikely at this point.

Dallas Cowboys

Because I know how much you guys love your Tony Romo golf updates: Romo and Tiger Woods finished tied for 17th at Pebble Beach after Tiger fell apart Sunday. But Romo says Tiger's close to putting something special together. Tiger didn't weigh in on whether Tony is.

Blogging the Boys posits that at least part of the Cowboys' Jerry Jones problem is that Jones hasn't connected with a head coach since Jimmy Johnson, then goes on to examine whether Jason Garrett can fill that void. I'll say this: I feel pretty confident that Jones will give Garrett every chance to succeed. He's invested in Garrett in a number of ways.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones looks at the reasons why Matt Flynn might not make sense for the Redskins as a free-agent quarterback solution. I don't think, based on what little I know about it, that Flynn is very high on the list. I'd rank him behind Kyle Orton, Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III on the list of likely Redskins starting quarterbacks in 2012. But I have been wrong before.

John Keim has a look at Orton and whether he makes sense. He's an imperfect solution, to be sure, but if they can't trade up for Griffin or be completely convinced Manning is healthy, they're not going to find a perfect solution. Mike Shanahan likes Orton but didn't want to deal picks for him when he was available last summer. Now that it's just money ... just don't be surprised, is all.